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Stats Story

To anybody familiar with Kshitij Grover and, more importantly, his take on AP Statistics, this story should not come as a surprise to you.

In Ms Stubbs’ Stats class, we watch quite a few videos related to what we’re learning. During these lessons, Kshitij would take out his laptop and browse the interwebs because he felt like it. Mrs Stubbs didn’t say anything, so we assumed she was letting it slide.

She wasn’t.

Within a week, Mr. Grover found a grade in SchoolLoop titled ‘Paying attention to videos during class’. As far as we know, nobody else has that grade in their gradebook. He received a 0/10 for the assignment.

Before this story ends, I want to say that I don’t write these stories to make fun of anybody; they’re my way of cataloguing some of the hilarity that has occurred this year, and Tino has a pretty hilarious bunch of kids.

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